Volunteer Opportunities

The heart of Flourish Bakery is in the kitchen and through volunteering in the kitchen you become a part of this unique community experience.  You will join the staff and interns in creating a wonderful selection of cakes, pies, cookies and breads while developing relationships with everyone there as you listen to their stories and share in a mutual experience of transformation. Working alongside the interns you not only join in the process of creating bakery goodies and but also assist in the development of the interns as professional bakers by encouraging their leadership and skill development as they reinforce their knowledge by training you in the various culinary skills they have learned. All of this happens while you develop your own baking skills. In order to participate in this volunteer opportunity, we ask that you are able to commit to at least a four hour shift and a Food Handlers permit is required, no previous kitchen experience is necessary.


If you can’t join us in the kitchen, we offer the opportunity to volunteer at events such as farmer’s markets, community gatherings and fundraisers. These events can be weekly or a one time. Working alongside the interns the activities involved in these events are set-up, take down, customer service and community interaction.  This time out in the greater community will allow you to share Flourish’s Mission and Vision as well as learn more about what Flourish represents from the interns. The time commitment at these events is more flexible depending on when and where the event takes place.

We at Flourish are always looking for skilled base volunteers, those who can spend time working with the volunteers in developing life skills and/or provide services in grant writing, fundraising and program development. These volunteer opportunities would be specifically developed after meeting with the staff and Board of Directors.

All of these volunteer opportunities are life affirming and life changing for you and our interns.  Please contact us for more information about the opportunities and benefits of volunteering with Flourish.